FACETS, IC Kasso at the Hôtel du Clos, 26 – 27 August 2022

Free Entry: opening Friday 26 from 18h, Saturday 27 de 10h à 20h

Through her Facets Exhibition, Ickasso invites you to discover her artistic universes where femininity rhymes with serenity and love (l’amour) with humor. Designed as a stroll in the sumptuous garden of the Hôtel du Clos, this exhibition explores the theme of femininity blossoming through 4 Collections which reflect the different views of
the Artist:

  • Callipygian : round-bottomed naïads or dancers painted in acrylic, the Demoiselles d’Isabelle are her artistic signature;
  • Classic : never out of fashion, the Classics Kassovic, in bronze or in terracotta with a patina, display their sensuality with serenity;
  • Cubist : the IcKasso series, cubist version of the precedent Collections, is revealed for the first time to the public;
  • Colorful : the ColorIsa series of acrylic paintings declines the other Collections in 2 dimensions before escaping to the abstract, in a whirlpool of
    mediterranean colors.

About the Artist :

Born in 1959 in the United States of a Slavonic father and a French mother, Isabelle Kassovic Conrozier (IcKasso) is the holder of a CAPES and of a master degree in Mathematics.
In 1989-91, she followed training in plastics arts at the University of Penn Valley à Kansas City (Missouri). She then lived in Singapore (1992-96), where she specialized in sculpture in terracotta in the studio of Lim Meng Khuong, where she acquired mastery of the academic nude. Living in Le Rouret since 1998, Isabelle has created her own studio and has exhibited since 2002. Isabelle is married and mother of 3 children, born in Singapore, Vietnam and France.