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Through her painted sculptures, Isabelle Conrozier Kassovic invites us to follow her into her colorful universe where love rhymes with humor. His terracotta works, all unique, are made in his workshop in Rouret (Alpes-Maritimes).

David Lorusso Di Mistri

David Lorusso, Baron di Mistri, a multi-talented artist. David has a skin-deep artistic sensitivity that allows him to approach each of his paintings with his soul. He is a separate being suspended in a time that no one will be able to understand without looking into one of his works.

La jeune fille et le renard
Finger pastel – Displayed at the Louvre Carousel in 2019
David Lorusso

La Clef
David Lorusso

Sandhya Natalia

L’identité de l’âme – Acrylic on wood
Sandhya Natalia

Born to be alive
Sandhya Natalia


An ordinary and self-taught painter, MoFu is a contemporary figurative artist who lives in the South of France. MoFu is fascinated by lines, curves, colors, nuances, drawing, painting, texture, material.

Acrylique sur toile


In addition to being a painter, Martine Micallef is also the director of the high perfumery brand that bears her name and which she founded in 1996 in Grasse, the World Capital of Perfumes. A sensitive and traveling soul, Martine Micallef created the DNA of her brand thanks to her artistic bottles that she has always shaped, decorated and painted by hand. In parallel with her activity in the wonderful world of perfumes, this born artist, curious about the world around her, never stops exploring the different facets of the artistic world which she applies according to her imagination. Today, the designer devotes the majority of her days to the expression of her secret gardens in her workshop nestled in her country house.

Her figurative canvases deal with themes of nature, botany, flowers, vegetation and fantasized landscapes through different techniques such as oil painting, acrylic and pastels. Martine Micallef has chosen to highlight paintings testifying to her passion for color and her love for bucolic atmospheres. But not only that, since through her environmental and poetic works, the artist also challenges the visitor’s gaze on the urgency of preserving wild territories and the importance of exploring its deep nature. A nod to her career in fragrances: cardboard and wood perfume cans delicately transformed into small decorative pieces of furniture painted by her hands complete her scenography.

Christine Spiteri

Christine Spiteri, established on the Côte d’Azur in 1979, is a visual artist, graphic designer and sculptor who plays with material, centered form, geometry as well as natural pigment.

Piège à loups
Digital production
Christine SPITERI